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What do you want to know?   My name is Libby. I'm a 24 year old library sciences graduate student. This is where I post and reblog quotes and pictures and links and videos that I like. Mostly they are about the multitude of shows and books and fandoms I enjoy.

Also, I'm a Hufflepuff, which is most definitely important.


    mspeggster replied to your chat: Actual Conversations. O.O I am literally shaking with laughter. my neighbor probably thinks I’m crazy.

    And here’s the rest of the conversation, just for you, wifey. :D

    Me: You poor thing. Badgers should never be underestimated.

    BF: It was horrifying. I never thought I would be so near death, but it emerged from it’s den in a fury! I’ll never make that mistake again…

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